Robert Krulwich: We've only just sat down, and you've already told me that we're doppelgangered up the wazoo, we therefore seem to have no real identity, free will is an open question, and we're probably a fake....Do you actually...assuming these things to be true, doesn't it get you down?

Brian Greene: No, I think it's incredibly exciting. I mean, to me, the most wondrous thing about science--and physics in particular--is the fact that through the power of thought and calculation and observation you can be led to conclusions vastly at odds with what you would think based upon experience. I don't think there's anything more wondrous than that moment: when you think the world is one way and your equations, your math, your ideas, your theories, begin to convince you that it is another way.

--Radiolab, The (Multi) Universe(s)

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