My parents want me to go to France and Italy with them this summer and man oh man I want to go with them but how rude is it to ask for a week off from a 10-week internship?

One of the people who my parents will be visiting in Paris is a Sinhalese man who married an activist Tamil woman in the late '70s. He was jailed for three years for political reasons in the early '80s, his fingernails pulled out one by one. She was riding her bike home from teaching at the University of Sri Lanka one day when she was murdered by direct order from Prabhakaran himself. So. He took their two daughters and raised them by himself in France.

The '70s and '80s in Sri Lanka were, I believe, similar to the last couple Harry Potter books. Until recently, you couldn't say Prabhakaran's name without eliciting a shiver from the person you were speaking to.

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