...“I don’t want to compound the fragility myth about me...but I think other people in my life certainly commented that I seemed to have a...sometimes fragile relationship with reality.” She stops. “But I wouldn’t say that it’s felt like a problem for me but, you know, I forget to pay bills and I get my water shut off and I live in a rural area. And you know when your cable gets shut off they actually have to make an appointment to send out a technician to reinstall it and it’s really expensive and insanely annoying. And so that’s happened to me like four times now. The list of things like that is very, very long. And there’s nothing romantic or fantastical about being hapless, or borderline dysfunctional in terms of a lot of the things that make someone a good grown-up in the world.”
--Sophie Heawood, The Conversation: Joanna Newsom (via Boyland)