Three years ago, Sarah, John, and I subleased an incredibly filthy apartment. It was The Summer of 2P4C (also known as The Best Summer of My Life) and we lazed the days away, scrounging up money for booze and cigarettes, surviving on coffee (free for me because I worked at Caribou) and hummus (free for Sarah because she worked at Leen-O). Sometimes, Sarah and I would pull away from our books and bike rides to assess our swamp of an apartment, but the task of cleaning always felt too overwhelming. And so, a solution: drink enough wine before noon and no bathtub is too gross to scrub. A side effect of this cleaning strategy was the discovery that dancing to System of a Down's Chop Suey and Panjabi MC's Mundian To Bach Ke is, by far, the most fun kind of dancing--a revelation we were sure to share with the rest of our friends.

It's become something of a tradition--if you put me or Sarah near an iPod and you can be damn sure one or both of those songs will be played. And the great thing is that everyone (I hope? There are probably some who roll their eyes and wait for another MIA song) joins the fun, so it's just a bunch of people I love belting out terrible lyrics and shaking their hips. This weekend we resurrected the tradition, wine and all, and for the first time I felt pangs of "I'm really going to miss this next year."

But that's how it goes, yeah?

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daniel said...

I was always confused as to why Chop Suey seemed to come up when everybody was together. Makes me feel like a drunk sixth grader again.