Sunil knew nothing of the movie [Slumdog Millionaire] that ends with an airport-slum boy finding money, love, and fame. However, he might have recognized one of that movie's conceits: that deprivation may give a child a certain intelligence. The other conceit--that a child's specific miserable experiences might be the things to spring him from his deprivation--was the lie. It was the movie version of the electrified fence. The women who had been manicured and exfoliated and blown out would linger at the premiere past 1 A.M., then head to the after party at the JW Marriott. They could relax, not just because the film about the slum boy had a happy ending but because the boy's suffering had been part of the solution.
--Katherine Boo, Opening Night


thisanjali said...

i liked that movie, despite its western-driven cathartic ending that truly made no sense. but still, the lights colors and sounds of india, it made me swoon.

i took amma and apachi to that movie. the only part they liked was when the boy jumped into poo and then ran up to meet amitabh bachan.

SAM said...

Hahaha I really hated this movie :(