The Wire was not about Jimmy McNulty. Or Avon Barksdale. Or Marlo Stanfield, or Tommy Carcetti or Gus Haynes. It was not about crime. Or punishment. Or the drug war. Or politics. Or race. Or education, labour relations or journalism. It was about The City. It is how we in the West live at the millennium, an urbanised species compacted together, sharing a common love, awe, and fear of what we have rendered. The Wire depicts a world in which capital has triumphed completely. A world in which the rules and values of the free market and maximised profit have been mistaken for a social framework, a world where institutions themselves are paramount and every day, human beings matter less.
--David Simon, Quality Trumps Ad Nauseam

Hey, Timothy, remember how much David Simon sucked IRL? That's really too bad. Hey, Dan, remember how much we suck when it comes to City and Culture but it's actually a really cool class so we shouldn't suck so much? Yeah.

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