I'm not "tough," just a soft hearted Imbecile - And Lois and Janet and all those other girls actually scare me down deep (Dodie didn't scare me half as much!) - They scare me because of their slinky beauty like snake-beauty....what do they want? Out of me? If they won't give me a piece of ass because I'm a rowdy inattentive monk drunk, then why do they want to see me? They scare me like the Devil - Their intentions are not honorable. - They also realize I don't like women and never did - I only like their bodies for sex - I think women are evil the way they coolly manage men with big ungovernable hurting hard-ons - Let the devil take his Eve back - I am Adam and I'm alone again with all my ribs intact
--Jack Kerouac, from a letter to Jacques

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sarah san said...

he always had a way with words.