He doesn’t have time to mention Singer, but he compares himself to Kafka, quotes Derrida (more than once), and mistakes graphic design for profundity. One chapter begins with the boldfaced words “Speechlessness / Influence / Speechlessness / Influence” densely repeated for five whole pages. There are times when you can almost hear Foer thinking: Yes, these arguments have been made dozens of times before, but they’ve never been made in this font.
--John Williams, The Oy of Cooking about this book


ghetto sunrise said...

HAhahahahah. Hilariourosursius.

katy-did said...

oh sam, i was thinking about how much i like you today. but also about how we need to a) go shopping / recycle b) buy chalk c) find a nice couch for the living room d) somehow manage all our homework and social lives and plan our dinner and e) what are you doing for new years? let me know

p.s. this was, sadly, faster than writing you a handwritten note which would have been cuter. ohh well.

SAM said...

Ahhh I know, I know. This Saturday? Do you have time to maybe get (A) and (B) out of the way? (D) is a work in progress, always.

I haven't thought ahead to New Year's...heck, have I thought ahead to tomorrow? Today I realized it was already the 18th of November and I felt mildly panicky.

I like you, I like you, I think you're cute and sweet and just swell !