I felt a little good after reading this book because I am pretty sure that when I am almost fifty I will also not understand anything in my life, it's good to know that I am not alone in this.
--Tao Lin, The Easter Parade by Richard Yates


davidboylan said...

“I woke at 10:30 then said ‘this is fucked’ and went back to sleep,” said Sam. “I forced myself back to sleep.”

“Sheila won’t talk to you,” said Luis. “Or is it because your cell phone broke.”

“No,” said Sam. “We just didn’t talk since yesterday. We are like fighting or something. Or I just didn’t email her or something.”

“When Marissa and I fight we lay on our sides for an hour in different rooms and wait for the person that was mean to come into the room and say they are sorry, then we existentially attack each other in very quiet voices,” said Luis.


SAM said...

When I was a freshman, Tao seemed soooo cooooool. You would've loved me back then.