He shrugged. “It’s a violent game. I suppose if you want to you could play touch football or flag football. For me, as a Jewish kid from Long Island, I’d be just as happy if we did that. But I don’t know if the fans would be happy with that. So what else do you do?”

Casson is right. There is nothing else to be done, not so long as fans stand and cheer. We are in love with football players, with their courage and grit, and nothing else—neither considerations of science nor those of morality—can compete with the destructive power of that love.

--Malcolm Gladwell, Offensive Play via Boyland (or Ellis?)

I emailed this article to Jim Tressel, Gordon Gee, and the Vice President of Athletics.


davidboylan said...

sad that you tried to give credit to ellis :(

Ellis said...

definitely my doing, duh. glad you liked it, sam ;)

SAM said...

A joint collaboration--Boyland was the brains behind the idea, Ellis was the brawn that opened it on my laptop.