Tuesday night was a reunion with Kt, Boyland, and Jeni's. Pure joy! How am I so lucky to have the friends that I do? And Boyland is such a gracious host--you can find me each morning on his sun-drenched balcony, coffee and book in hand. On Wednesday Kt and I scoured Columbus for the perfect sofa but instead gained an A+ armchair and can I ever communicate how much I value conversations with Kt? Later, on the grass with Martin and Kt there was that quintessential Martinism of "I mean, there were good parts and then there were parts where he took more bananas than I wanted him to" and the moon gained a Monroe. Over beers at the Stube with Brady and Ian among others I got a feeling for what I had been missing all summer. And Thursday! An entire day with the lovely (and incredibly wise) Diana, what more could one want? Yesterday after a far too brief encounter with Mr. Gurkfaceallstar himself, Martin and I ate and practiced the Fit's gum dance and headed over to the christening of my favorite habibti's new home. Old friends, new friends--let me tell you, Kt and I are going to be moving into the best neighborhood in Columbus. No doubt. Everyone has migrated to this area and I'm glad we inadvertently joined.

And now. Back at Kerouac with Martin, enjoying a pineapple pizza with ranch (don't knock it till you try it) while getting reacquainted with the internet. Almost all of my sadness this summer stemmed from the lack of social interaction that is a side effect of living in the suburbs of Jersey with no means of transportation. But I'm back! And even the stresses of moving and the absurdity that is OSU during football season can't put a damper on my mood.

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