For someone so averse to the idea of marriage, I am way too into weddings. But really, guys. Look at this. More importantly, look at this. The last picture is just magical.

On a somewhat related note, I would love love love to be a florist. Or a collector of stories for a show similar to This American Life or Radiolab. Or the owner of a cafe/bookstore. The thing is, I also want to make the world a less crappy place, and none of these are exactly Superman or Obama-caliber activities.


Tim said...


I think you mean averse

SAM said...

Ahahahha OH NO!

davidboylan said...

is there anyway you could have a separate forum for tim to comment on so he doesnt clog your beautiful blog up with his inane comments? h8 tim yall.

thisanjali said...

haha. i feel the same way ALL THE TIME, about wanting to open a rice& curry + cupcake shop (!) but also work for some kind of human rights non-profit? eeks?

but of all things, truly, I WANT TO WORK FOR STORYCORP!


ps. okk so are you married? this has been driving me mad, not knowing what to believe after you posting something in your blog earlier that was something like, "so i'm like, married."


also: XOXO

SAM said...

Haahaha so I'm not married. Sorry about the confusion. My friend and I were sort of...exploring our options.

Yesterday I baked mint chocolate cupcakes then decided not to frost them. Does that make them muffins? What separates a muffin from a cupcake?