Ah, so--

last week it was almost unbearably humid over here on the east coast, but two days of perpetual thunderstorms broke the suffocating heat and created this perfectly summery morning.

And I had woken up from this spectacular dream of horses, you see. And was wearing my very favorite dress of the moment. And got lunch with Nasser before being told to leave work early to spend more time with him.

And really, what could feel better than feasting and ruminating (word of the day, perhaps of the summer) with him in Philadelphia--his new home, my (almost) former home.

And because I am leaving this segment of my life behind, I would like to fully ruminate about what a strange ten weeks it has been. But. Maybe tomorrow. Today has been too good for that.


SAM said...

Dear Sam of 10:16p yesterday,

Shut up shut up shut up you have no idea what's coming.

Sam of 9:31a today

davidboylan said...

Sam of 10:16pm yesterday = epic fail ;)

SAM said...

I know right? Her naivete just kills me.