This morning was incredibly beautiful, making my walk more pleasant than usual. The barista (babe alert) who I've been chattin' up for a few days got my phone number because we're both going to be at the Dan Deacon + Deerhunter + No Age pool party this weekend. She named me Sam Darling in her phone...gah. Massive girlcrush.

At work I actually felt like working for once, which was wonderful until Katie and I decided to ditch for sushi. Afterward, we just sort of lounged around, watching last night's Daily Show (So You Think You Can Douche = hilarious), drinking some delicious anonymous root beer that some guy in the office was passing around, and eating cake courtesy of Kirk turning nineteen.

Then my parents showed up with a bottle of cognac they'd brought for me from France. And now we're going to eat, drink, and be merry.

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