After a fairly chance run-in with my sister at O'Hare, I was convinced I couldn't get any happier for the rest of the weekend.

But then I saw Maite's sweet, smiling face!

But then Lauren and I skipped through the gates of Union Park just as Yo La Tengo started playing Autumn Sweater!

But then Adam was tackling me!

But then there was Alex right behind him!

But then I was able to hang out with guys I hadn't seen since Pitchfork two years ago!

But then it was Saturday and the lead screamer for Fucked Up tore beach balls and dolls apart with his teeth, then landed in front of me and spared a moment for a big, fat, sweaty, hairy hug!

But then I got tossed into Casey in the middle Fucked Up and attacked him with hugs--probably the last thing he was expecting in the most fun/insane pit of the weekend!

But then I was able to experience Beirut as a tall person would, thanks to Grant's willingness to carry me through most of the set!

But then we were somehow, surprisingly, able to charm our way up to The National stage!

But then, on Adam's and Grant's shoulders and with the help of a huge group of strangers shouting her name, I was able to find Lauren and direct her toward us!

But then The National was so beautiful on a beautiful night with beautiful friends!

But then there was discussion of moving to Chicago next year...and living with Adam and Andrea?!

But then Maite and I came close to dying several times during The Thermals, saved only by holding onto each other for dear life and Alex not letting go!

But then we didn't move more than a few feet for eight straight hours, which could have been awful but instead was made spectacular by having badass neighbors!

But then, OH MY GOD M83 WAS PROBABLY THE DANCIEST, HAPPIEST, MOST HEART-BURSTING-WITH-LOVE LIVE PERFORMANCE I'VE EVER BEEN INVOLVED WITH! The degree of camaraderie with the friends we had just made was incredible! Now I like Couleurs even more!

But then there was Gobstoppers coated in Junior Mints, water appearing miraculously from kind strangers the second people start to feel the effects of the heat and crowd, and kisses all around!

But THEN, of course, there was fucking Wayne Coyne in his bubble, masses and masses of confetti, fist-pumping, sing-alongs, dance-alongs, and me crowd-surfing, HA!

But then we went out dancing and I got to meet up with the one and only love of my life and really, the weekend couldn't have had a better conclusion!

I woke up this morning without a voice and barely able to move; muscles I didn't even know existed hurt like hell but in the most satisfying way imaginable.


thisanjali said...

how are you blogging all quick-quick giiirl? what is this?!? YAYAYYAYAYYAAYA I SAW YOU YOU SAW ME WE DANCED AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL

chicago! whoop!

blah blah blah on a train
was my favorite. friends teased me a great deal afterwards at how similar we are. thomas in particular was shocked at our sri lankan chicken-leg syndrome and our ability to talk simultaneously and somehow understand one another through giggle-fits galore.

love, you,


SAM said...

Hahahahhahahaha twinny chicken legs !

When we got off, Adam smiled about the "silent train, save for the ringing laughter of Sam and her friend."

love love love love xo