HELL 365

I woke up this morning remembering when Martin, Brady, Colin, Kt, and I were driving back from Wilmington to Raleigh late late at night and we took exit 365 because the boys needed to use the restroom. Kt and I sat and waited in the van, wondering why Colin and Brady were running full speed from the McDonalds back to us, and when they opened the door they were breathless, trying to explain the extent of the stench out there, and then we see Martin sprinting back as well, one hand covering his mouth and nose, the other arm flailing in the air. But really guys, I said, how bad could it be, and I should have known not to question them because it took them just a few seconds to pull me from the van and carry me out into the most awful malodorous air (what could possibly make a place smell that bad? It permeated everything) but it's so difficult to not inhale when you're laughing that hard.

Samantha: was it exit 365?
Samantha: 316?
Martin: 365
Samantha: we have to remember so we never make the mistake of going back
Martin: and here's why
Martin: I remember because Hell 365 is actually what a certain period/location during WWII or Vietnam was called

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