:D :D :D :D :D :D!

Yesterday afternoon, my cubicle-mate and fellow intern mentioned in an offhand manner that she really wanted to go to Pitchfork. Fast forward through twenty-four hours of frantic Ebay and Craigslist scouring to us buying plane tickets to Chicago. My face is stuck in a permanent smile.

This means that:
01. I get to see my FRIENDS, holy YES!
1.5. I also get to see friends that I've lost contact with over the years--for various reasons. This is probably a good thing.
02. Several "must see before I die/they break up" dreams are going to be fulfilled.
03. I've made a friend in Philadelphia. We are going on a trip together.
04. I have little to no money.

Killing four birds with one spectacular stone. I've been in the best mood today.


thisanjali said...

all my pals are hitting up pitchfork again, and i'm just tagging along just to play in chicago! andy & ben have been going ever since pitchfork started geez, i'm way too lazy to keep up with the ever-changing indie music scene. eh shows, but yes chicago and friends!

weee shoould go out one night, dancing? dinner?

wa-hoo! keep me posted!

SAM said...

OH MY GOODNESS, could this get any better!? I see your friends at every concert, hah, and now I get to see you!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I haven't actually gotten physical tickets off of the Craigslist chick so if for some reason that falls through now I know I can spend more time with you! We'll have to figure something out, Lauren and I land in Chicago at 11:30 on Friday and don't leave until 3:15 on Monday so that's plenty of time for fun-making, yes?

Wahhhh sosososo excited to see everybody and (now, to sweeten the deal!) you!

SAM said...

Also, it's funny to me that you say you've lost interest in the "ever-changing indie music scene" because everything I listen to currently is a result of you coming to a Sri Lankan dinner in 7th or 8th grade, shoving headphones on my ears, and forcing me to listen to Pinkerton on your Discman.

thisanjali said...

haha i'm growing ooold, what can i say :D

i had a discman? geez, i still adore weezer with every bone in my body. that shit is so good!

i remember when you told my steward murdoch had a lisp, and i was upset. i was all, but i LOVE this band how can you not love this band? ok maybe he has a lisp but come on, judy and her dream of horses? come on! and you just laughed.

i cant wait to see you, seriously my god how fantastic. i've told everybody and their all, oh yeah, your sri lankan sister that we see everyone.

well ha! i get to see you toooo!

ok sooo; chicago dance nights in grant park?


yes its awesome we totally should goo!

i'm going to email you soon about our plans for chicago and were we are staying, cause then we can meet up and play!

its entirely inappropriate to be blah blahing about this on your blog i'm retarted