Today was Spruce St., a charming used bookstore stuffed to the brim with old books and records (owned by an elderly couple who asked if I wouldn't mind kindly climbing the ladder to dust the cobwebs off the top shelf because, well, their knees just aren't what they used to be), yummy yummy roast duck and lychee kumquat tea with aloe jelly in Chinatown, then the Reading Market Terminal which is like a gigantic North Market (but with an old lady who plays a grand piano between the bakery and the honey vendor) where I bought strawberries to eat with blackberry, sour cherry, sour raspberry, mango, and sour apple honey and where a sweet boy bought me a sunflower because I "looked so pretty while admiring them," and then to Anthropologie where I got a cheapass dress, and then, finally, back to Rittenhouse where I got to play with a roly-poly Asian ball of cuteness.

I wish I had a camera here.

I am crossing my fingers that these visits work.

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