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Recently, I've been thinking a lot about trying my hand at beekeeping.


thisanjali said...
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thisanjali said...

my good friend hollace is a bee keeper. i've gone out to her hives once or twice, and it's an experience like no other. i think it's probably the closest i'll ever get to a tangible god, if anything.

she's researching for the summer and our friend randy is tending to her hives. we're going to go check on them sometime soon, you're more than welcome to join us x

ps. she has psycedelic honey hidden away, she eats it on her morning toast

SAM said...

Ahhhh so jealous! I'm taking a class on social insects right now and we have a hive in the classroom that I'm pretty attached to.

I would absolutely take you up on your offer to join, but I'll be in Philadelphia starting next week :(

Also, perfect timing: http://bitten.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/03/the-bees-have-arrived/

Also, Gmail video chatting? As soon as I figure out this newfangled technology.

thisanjali said...

yes, bees are AMAZING! when i was trying to convince myself that i wanted to be a biologist (ha) i was going to work with hollace and study bees. they're amazing creatures, it's pretty upsetting how drastically their numbers of fallen in the last decade or so. AH the science of bees, so so so so amazing! how fun to study with a hive, and how funny it is to imagine your classroom hive if it was the size of your classroom!

no no, that's silly.

PHILLY! whop! have fun on your internship, maybe sometime in between we can gchat it is wayyy fun! hope all is well sammy x