Here's a fun game... First, look up the most popular and critically-acclaimed books, movies, and music on Amazon. Click on "Customer Reviews," and sort them by "Lowest Rating First." Hilarity ensues! It's the Amazon.com Knee-Jerk Contrarian Game!

Hoop Dreams (Steve James):
  • What a snooze. A three hour documentary about kids goals of becoming professional basketball players.The subject matter might have worked for an hour long film, but at three hours this is strictly for die hard basketball fans ONLY!

Annie Hall (Woody Allen):
  • Why is this movie a classic? The plot line was nonexistent, and the characters were completely unlikeable.The implication that Annie Hall was a lesbian didn't make any sense! Woody Allen's character was completely freeky and there was not a single purpose for him being there. Come to think of it, THERE WAS NO PURPOSE FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!! So save yourself and never watch this film.

Slaughterhouse-Five (Kurt Vonnegut):
  • "Vonnegut is no better or worse than Daniele Steele!"
  • "The novel is written in a childish absurdist style that becomes wearisome very quickly."
  • "I read it, but I literally have no idea what this book is about. And I'm not reading it again to find out either."
  • "A tangled mess of disjointed scenes and uninspiring ramblings."

Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Stanley Kubrick):
  • Slim Pickens riding the bomb is a reference that is part of the American culture. Other than knowing the origin of this reference, this movie is a waste of time.

The Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka):
  • If there were a 0 star rating that's exactly what I would have given this usless, worthless, example of wasted paper. I wouldn't read this work again if I were paid one million dollars. In my opinion, it sounded like it was written by someone on weed. I say he woke up trippin and saw himself as a bug and later decided to write about it.

The Idiot (Fyodor Dostoevsky):
  • I hated this book. Whoever enjoyed needs a life. Read the Lord of the Rings. Tolkien is a fantasy God!!

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